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JMR is an international commercial goods shipping specialist, based in Montreal, Quebec. On any given day of the week, you'll find JMR's trucks on highways crisscrossing North America from Los Angeles to Toronto, New York to Vancouver, Seattle to Montreal. And you can trust that they'll be running on schedule, with the care and consideration that comes from a transportation team that puts the customer first.

Visit our commercial shipping and storage services page for more information about all of our commercial services.

Visit our moving links page for access to U.S. and Canadian Government forms required for cross-border transport.

As a Canadian and US Insured Carrier, with an excellent safety record, JMR provides superior freight transportation service within Canada and between Canada and the USA. We also handle specialty overseas orders.

We regularly have trucks delivering to all parts of North America providing opportunities for backhaul and linehaul transport anywhere on the continent. We can provide you with a professional and economical transport option to get your products to distant markets.

Whatever you need to ship, you can trust JMR to deliver. Let us provide you with a quotation for your full or partial loads.

Weekend dispatch service is available upon request.

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