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Major Canadian Cities we serve from Winnipeg, MB

Cities En Route to Winnipeg, MB

Vaudreuil, Saint-Timothée, Valleyfield, Rivière Beaudette, Lancaster, Saint-Anicet, Lancaster, Cornwall, Newington, Fort Covington, Ingleside, Williamsburg, Waddington, Iroquois, Cardinal, Odgensburg, Brockville, Gananoque, Kingston, Newburgh, Napanee, Bath, Deseronto, Tyendinaga, Belleville, Trenton, Frankford, Brighton, Cobourg, Clarington, Oshawa, Ajax, Mississauga, Milton, Guelph, Cambridge, Wookstock, Ingersoll, London, Mount Brydges, Strathroy, Wyoming, Brights Grove, Sarnia, Sparlingville, Attica, Davison, Elba, Hadley, Flint, Burton, Durand, Corunna, Perry, East Lansing, Olemos, Lansing, Potterville, Olivet, Kalamazoo, Pine Grove, Decatur, Benton Heights, Fair Plain, St. Joseph, Shoreham, Baroda, Harbert, Lakeview, New Buffalo, Michigan City, Gary, Hammond, Harvey, Chicago, Park Ridge, Schaumburg, Palative, Elgin, Roscoe, Beloit, Fulton, Janesville, Edgerton, McFarland, Madison, De Forest, Lodi, Poynette, Portage, Wisconsin Dells, Mauston, Juneau, Oakdale, Monroe, Warrens, Millston, Black River Falls, Osseo, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Knapp, Woodville, Shoreview, Fridley, Brooklyn Park, Champlain, Monticello, Clearwater, Avon, Melrose, Mere Grove, Sauk Centre, West Union, Alexandria, Garfield, Ashby, Dalton, Carlisle, Rothsay, Baker, Fargo, Argusville, Arthur, Gardner, Hunter, Hendrum, Halstad, Buxton, Reynolds, Thompson, Grand Forks, Manuel, Minto, Big Woods, Oakwood, Pembina, Emerson, Altona, Aubigny, Rosenfeld, Sainte Agathe, St. Adolphe, Grande Pointe

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Moving to or from Winnipeg, MB

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This is an excellent site if you are looking for any type of school in the Winnipeg area. Elementary, private schooling, Islamic, Catholic, various colleges, universities and many other educational institutions are listed here. Visit


Winnipeg has a variety of sports A - Z. You name it, this site has it. From aerobics, bicycling, curling, gymnastics, hockey, horseback riding to skiing and soccer. Visit

Arts & Culture

Winnipeg is well known across the prairies for its arts and culture. Popular cultural institutions in the city are: the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Manitoba Opera, the Manitoba Museum, the Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Prairie Theatre Exchange, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. There are several impressive festivals home to this city. The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival is North America's second largest Fringe Festival, held every July. Other festivals include Folklorama, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Music Festival Visit

Special Attractions

There are so many wonderful sites to take in. Visit Assiniboine Park, the world's largest park which hosts a huge zoo, or the Centennial Centre, a concert hall and planetarium. Enjoy Fort Whyte Centre, which is filled with nature trails and wildlife or educate yourself on how coins are made at the Royal Canadian Mint. Visit


Most of Winnipeg's hot spots, bars and cafes are found along Cordyon Avenue and Osborne Village. Winnipeg's revolving restaurant, in the Royal Crown Building, is located on the 30th floor. Another popular hangout is Earl's which hosts a cozy terrace and serves food. If you're into live entertainment, Bella Vista or The Empire are the spots for you.


The Greenwood Inn offers golf close by, the Holiday Inn Suites have been recently renovated and Winnipeg's Best Western is walking distance to major shopping centers. Visit www.winnipeghotels


Fast food in Winnipeg is seen by many of its residents as a higher art form. Many residents have a soft spot for Salisbury House, a Winnipeg institution of 75 years known for their excellent "Nip" hamburgers (extra grilled onions) and wafer pie. A popular style of hamburger in Winnipeg is the "Fat Boy", an all-dressed burger with chili sauce. Experience the fine-dining of Filipino, Italian, Korean, Mexican and many more choices in the Winnipeg area. Visit

Winnipeg, MB's Suburbs & Regions

Agassi, Airport, Alpine Place, Amber Trails, Archwood, Armstrong Point, Beaumont, Betsworth, Birchwood, Booth, Broadway - Assiniboine, Brockville, Brooklands, Bruce Park, Buchanan, Burrows - Keewatin, Burrows Central, Canterbury Park, Centennial, Central Park, Central River Heights, Central St. Boniface, Chalmers, Chinatown, Cloutier Drive, Colony, Crescent Park, Crescentwood, Crestview, Dakota Crossing, Daniel McIntyre, Deer Lodge, Dufferin, Dufresne, Eaglemere, Earl Grey, East Elmwood, Ebby - Wentworth, Edgeland, Elm Park, Elmhurst, Eric Coy, Exchange District, Fort Richmond, Garden City, Glendale, Glenelm, Glenwood, Grant Park, Grassie, Heritage Park, Holden, Inkster - Faraday, Inkster Gardens, Island Lakes, J.B. Mitchell, Jameswood, Jefferson, Kensington, Kern Park, Kil-cona Park, Kildare - Redonda, Kildonan Drive, King Edward, Kingston Crescent, Kirkfield, Lavalee, Leila, McPhillips Triangle, Linden Woods, Logan - C.P.R, Lord Roberts, Lord Selkirk Park, Luxton, Maginot, Mandalay West, Margaret Park, Marlton, Mathers, Maybank, McMillann, Meadowood, Meadows, Melrose, Minnetonka, Minto, Mission Gardens, Montcalm, Munroe East, Munroe West, Mynarski, Niakwa Park, Niakwa Place, Norberry, Normand Parkbsp, North Point Douglas, North River Heights, North St. Boniface, Norwood East, Norwood West, Old Tuxedo, Parc La Salle, Peguis, Pembina Strip, Point Road, Polo Park, Portage - Ellice, Pulberry, Radisson, Richmond Lakes, Richmond West, Ridgedale, Ridgewood South, River - Osborne, River East, River Park South, River West Park, Riverbend, Rivergrove, Riverview, Robertson, Roblin Park, Rockwoodbsp, Roslyn, Rosser - Old Kildonan, Rossmere, Royalwood, Sargent Park, Seven Oaks, Seven Oaks, Shaughnessy Park, Silver Heights, Sir John Franklin, South Point Douglas, South Portage, South River Heights, South Tuxedo, Southboine, Southdale, Southland Park, Spence, Springfield North, Springfield South, St. George, St. John's Park, St. John's, St. Matthews, St. Norbert, St. Vital Perimeter South, Sturgeon Creek, Talbot - Grey, Templeton - Sinclair, The Maples, Tissot, Transcona South, Trappistes, Tuxedo, Tyndall Park, University, Valhalla, Valley Gardens, Varennes, Varsity View, Vialoux, Victoria Crescent, Victoria West, Vista, Waverley Heights, Wellington Crescent, West Alexander, West Broadway, West Wolseley, Westdale, Weston, Westwood, Whyte Ridge, Wildwood, Wilkes South, William Whyte, Victoria West, Windsor Park, Wolseley, Woodhaven, Worthington

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Winnipeg City Info

Winnipeg, MB Moving SpecialistsWinnipeg is the capital of the province of Manitoba and is located in Western Canada. It is known as the Gateway to the West, and was historically known as the "Bullseye of the Dominion" and "Heart of the Continent".

Winnipeg is currently served by Winnipeg International Airport. It is the only international airport between Toronto and Calgary capable of handling large freighter aircraft.

Winnipeg plays a prominent role in transportation, finance, manufacturing, agriculture and education.

Winnipeg, MB Moving Specialists

It boasts historic architecture, scenic waterways, and many attractive bridges. Winnipeg hosted the Pan-American Games in 1967 and again in 1999. It is the only city besides Mexico City to have hosted the event twice. Winnipeg is a city with a rich celebrated past, filled with stories of colonization and of the expansion of the historic corner of Portage and Main, of fur traders gathering at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, and as a city renowned as a thriving arts, culture and commercial centre. Visit Winnipeg and you'll quickly learn why for over 130 years it's been the city in which to live, work and play


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