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Moving to or from Charlottetown, PEI

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This is a hands-on site. Each school in PEI has its own site and was created by its own teachers and students. Check out Charlottetown's Rural High School. It states how many students attend the school, has a list of resources athletic information and more. Visit this site.


If you are looking for extra-curricular activities for your children, you've come to the perfect city. The City of Charlottetown offers an array of sports like badminton, basketball, figure skating, speed skating, baseball, softball for girls, soccer, tennis and  boxing. For all you cross country skiing buffs, there are various trails groomed for you to enjoy. Visit this site.

Arts & Culture

The Studio Gallery features the etchings of Doreen Foster for over 15 years now. Charlottetown's Favorite Gallery hosts the work of local and regional artists. Other Canadian artists are featured at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery. Come experience the Charlottetown culture! Visit this site.

Special Attractions

World class artists perform at the PEI Jazz & Blues Festival. Take a guided tour of the beautiful Victorian home known as the Beaconsfield Historic House. Perhaps the kids would enjoy some dynamic, inter-active fun at the Founder's Hall, Canada's birthplace Pavilion.


This site offers a wonderful festival chart listing all the festivities for the year. Plan ahead to take in some of the beautiful sites Charlottetown has to offer. Visit North Cape and see a different side of PEI. Head north to explore Prince Edward Island National Park with its miles of inviting beaches. Take the kids to see Charlottetown's Anne of Green Gables or Radical Jack's Treats 'n Tracks for some mini golf, go-carting and ice cream. If they're looking for thrills, the Sandspit Amusement park is the place to go. Visit this site.


Find the perfect place to stay in Charlottetown. Do you fancy a Bed & Breakfast location, hotel, motel or cottage?  Well-known hotels like the Comfort Inn, Best Western, Delta and new ones like the Banbridge Inn are featured here. Visit this site.


Savour Charlottetown's Piazza Joe's, Ruth's Steak House, the Magic Wok, Sirenella Ristorante or Captain Scotts Fish & Chips. Your mouth will water at the sight of these menus. Visit this site.

Charlottetown, PEI's Suburbs & Regions

Brighton, Spring Park, Parkdale, Sherwood, East Royalty, West Royalty, Winsloe

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Charlottetown City Info:

Charlottetown, is the capital of Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island.

Charlottetown, PEI Moving Specialists

The City of Charlottetown was named in honor of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England. Charlottetown was designated the Provincial capital of Prince Edward Island in 1764.

Charlottetown is a popular destination in eastern Canada for visitors from other Maritime provinces, central Canada and the northeastern United States, as the city has a central location in the province as well as various services. The city's streetscapes with a centrally-planned downtown core containing many Victorian-era houses and buildings is an attraction, as well as a waterfront redevelopment project in recent decades which has many, scenic walking trails and parks.

The city offers many performing opportunities, including barbershop quartets and choruses, and the Charlottetown Jazz Ensemble. If you have the gift of song, this city is your jackpot!

Come see what Charlottetown has to offer!!


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